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SMD School Plays A Great Role In Making The Lives Of Many Students

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Education for Himalayan Kids - Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School SMD shared Project PeacePal's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

When students at partner school, Cottonwood Classical Charter in Albuquerque, NM, learned that the students they had been exchanging letters with throughout the school year in Nepal had been involved in the massive earthquake, they volunteered to write an extra letter at the end of a busy school year to express their concern! Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM, also did some fundraising to send to the school in Kathmandu to help with their relief efforts. The attitudes and actions of the students at Cottonwood Classical Charter exemplify the power of the one to one connections that PeacePal is instrumental in helping to foster. Not only do these students learn communication skills, they also develop deeper senses of empathy and compassion towards different people and cultures! After the devastating earthquake and aftershocks rattled Nepal, our students did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. Have you ever been in an earthquake? If so, what was it like?

3 days ago

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New volunteers from SMD have started at Thrangu Tara Abbey
Rigsang B19 and Junu D9. Choden B379 and Dawa Lhamo D031 just finished their year.
Rigsang sent this note, "We started our classes since Thursday. Here I have attached a picture during the karmapa's birthday. It was wonderful."
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1 week ago

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Four graduates from SMD Boarding School have finished a year as volunteer teachers at SMD Branch School for young monks -
Five new SMDers were welcomed. Thanks to Sonam B331a for the photos.
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Sonam GurungSonam Gurung Your most welcome! Thank you all Thrangu Family members for everything!1 · 7 days ago

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After the April 25th EQ, we were also sending aid into nearby villages by truck. Here are some reflection from three SMDers (l-r)
on Day 10 in Rasuwa District.

Tenzin Jamphel B035a (Receptionist) - "The most painful thing for me to watch was small kids being responsible for the well being of their family. Since the earthquake, they had nothing but nettles as a meal."

Umesh (Hostel Head) - When we reached Saprbeshi (34 k above Langtang) the villagers were waiting for support from the government. We were shocked when they told us that we were the second group to reach there since the earthquake occurred."

Dhan Bahadur (Support Staff) - We all went there by two trucks loaded with food, clothes and tents. The journey was threatening because the roads were blocked by landslides and destroyed houses. Above that, the heavy rainfall and scorching heat made the situation worse. I had a feeling that I wouldn't make it back to school."

Many thanks to Lhamu Sherpa & Phur Nyima Sherpa B349a, who did the interviews, translated & wrote it all up (but forgot to sign it!). Phur Nyima who has just finished Class 10. I will always be grateful to her, because she came every day during the EQ time to help us by teaching dance with Sonam Diki B383a and raised everyone's spirits!
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1 week ago

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Sherab Dolma Sherpa B351 (just finished a degree in Human Geography) and Sangmo Sherpa B343 raised $8000 to rebuild their village in Nepal,
Sherab writes, "When we started the project, we never imagined we would be able to raise as much fund that we did; our initial goal was CA$ 2000 but within few days, through altruistic and compassionate supporters, donors and advisors, the amount was easily surpassed - it escalated from CA$ 2000 t0 CA$ 8000 (after the service charge by the website). Never were we so happy. We wanted to use the funds to reach help to our community, Phulpingkatti VDC. It is in SIndhupalchok, a worst hit district from earthquake - the situation was only aggravated by landslides and floods.
We sent the fund to a group (Pasang Wangdu, Tashi Dorji Sherpa and Tenzin Dolma) already working tirelessly for the welfare of Sindhupalchok community. Albeit the dangers and obstacles posed, they brought help to our community. Working together, we were able to provide tarps, tents, rations, solar lights and many more.
This is one of the greatest achievement accomplished ever in our life - for both Sangmo and me.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the donors, supporters and advisors without whom we could have never been able to start this project, lest of all be successful."
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Jessica Robin NaylorJessica Robin Naylor Wonderful! Wishing you all the best. :)1 week ago

Project PeacePalProject PeacePal Amazing job working to help your school and community! Thinking of you and everyone at SMD1 week ago

Heather PhillipsHeather Phillips True 'Angels '! 😃 xxx1 week ago

Etienne LoyonEtienne Loyon you are pretty too! (I am an old man, it's allowed). Two dakinis.1 week ago

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Thank you everyone for their support. SMD is still going through the post earthquake phase. Find all the updates here: LINK

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Painting by Tsewang Gyurme B508 who finished Class 10 in 2014 and is giving service as the Director's Assistant. This painting was given to Thrangu Rinpoche.

Painting by Tsewang Gyurme B508 who finished Class 10 last year and is giving service as the Director’s Assistant. This painting was given to Thrangu Rinpoche.